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Importance of Skills in Career Growth

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We all spend years, in achieving academic qualifications, years of work experience, or a certificate from a prestigious foreign university, in order to achieve better career. However we neglect other factors that affect our employability and that includes soft skills. Soft skills are a set of attributes that help us interact with other. 

Many fresh graduates, and even experienced professionals find it quite daunting, to speak in front of people, or during interview. They obviously weren’t prepared for this “Face Palms”. The ability to speak in front of people is a key skill and can probably do more for your career than almost any other skill. Being able to speak with confidence, deliver well-organized content and communicate effectively will set you ahead above the rest.


So often when I sit down with my coaching clients who are generally seeking a better career. and after reviewing and analyzing their case, it mostly narrows down to just one thing. Generally they aren’t clear with what skills they have? They don’t know what skills are most important for their Job? Therefore they don’t know what to tell in their resume? Thus they are unable to convince interviewers, what they are suitable for?


But if YOU are smart enough to stop following these mistakes, and identify the skills those are most needed to empower you to work smart and achieve more. It can start opening new doors, and it can make your life lot easier.


Here are 10 basic skills, professionals need to master to increase their efficiency and accomplish their task successfully.


1.      Communication

2.      Building Relationships

3.      Decision Making

4.      Leadership

5.      Time Management

6.      Team Work

7.      Problem Solving

8.      Presentation

9.      Diversity, Emotional & Cultural Intelligence

10.   Confidence, & Self- Motivation


I know this is a daunting list. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of them. Most of us don’t. The important thing is to understand that these basic soft skills are important to your career success and then ask yourself – what soft skills do you already possess and ones you don’t have start working on developing those now!


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